Top 5 Source for Latest Scientific Research Ideas and Information

The technology is our new future. Technology will transform our world. The question comes how these technology and new innovative ideas will come to picture and is there any particular source of the knowledge? Let me tell you the source of knowledge can be anything. It can be the society, educational institutions, friends, news, magazines etc. But do you know the most effective sources of the new innovative ideas? Here I am going to discuss the 5 top most resources from which one can get the innovative ideas, latest research information very easily.

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Scientific Research Ideas and Information
  1. Scientific Magazines

According to a report in India we have more than 5000 research magazines and scientific news resources are present. The role of magazines is to enhance our knowledge and our capability of thinking. Here some the name of the popular science magazines.

  • Popular Science
  • Brain Wave
  • Discover
  • Astronomy
  • New Scientist
  • विज्ञान प्रगति (Vigyan Pragati)
  • Science Reporter
  • Science Festival
  • Current Science
  • Dream 2047,published by Vigyan Prasar
  • Sandarbh
  • Science Reporter
  • The Young Scientists
  • Safari Magazine


  1. Scientific TV Shows and Science Channels

People generally do not watch Scientific TV shows because it does not contain any entertainment and stories. But the Science lovers must start watching the Scientific Shows where the latest information & Latest technologies presented.


  1. Scientific Exhibitions

Tech exhibitions are of the powerful and important source of information of the new technologies and innovations. Most of the tech companies show case their upcoming technologies and new products having innovative technologies in such Scientific or Tech Exhibitions.


  1. Social networking Sites and blogs.

Many scientists, innovators and peoples having personal blogs, which are the one of the best source of information. One can make a list of these blogs and follow them regularly. Social networking sites like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn are the other top sources. There are many scientific pages which you can like add groups you can join for the latest scientific information.


  1. Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and seminars are the best resource for the latest technologies and information. In conferences generally different people come together to discuss their research findings . The conference may be national or International. One can find all latest information about upcoming conferences in India form which is the India’s number one and highly rated search destination for all the upcoming conferences and seminars.