Going to attend International Conference? Top Four things you need to ensure.

Ensure Four Things before attend ConferenceAs the Scientific activity goes on increasing day by day the number of research scholars and research platform also rising. Now various scientific Organizations, Institutions, Colleges, and professional bodies are conducting different International Conferences and seminars across the India and world. If you are going to attain such a International Conference and present your paper you need to ensure the following four points.

  1. Prepare your research paper accordingly to the format

Every Conference has some specific topic so you need to ensure that your topic of research match the topic of the conference. The question comes how to do this work? The easiest way to do this is to check the ‘Call for paper” or “Topic Covered” webpage of the conference website or the broacher. If you are unable to find such things in the Conference Website then you should definitely call the Organizer and ask to provide the information. If your topic of research do not match to the conference topic the organizer will simply reject your paper.

  1. Check the Organizer’s Detail

Before sending your paper you must ensure the credibility of the organizer. You can check all the recent events organized by the organizer, check the Social media account of the organizer about the recent updates and ask your seniors about the organizer. You can also ask to your guide/professor/HOD about the Organizer.  Sometimes the Organizer may new, in that case you can check the editorial board associated with this organization and you can physically verify the office of the organizer. Choose the right organizer before registering. www.conferencealerts.in  is been dedicated to provide the authentic information about the organizer and the dedicated back office executives check all the aspects before allowing the Upcoming International Conferences in the Conference alerts website so that you just make sure about the organizers and their upcoming conferences. Do not attend the single conferences organized by different institutions and colleges. They organize these conferences to get the attraction of the media so their admission target gets fulfilled. They never take care about your publication, networking, and future benefits. Instead of that you can attend the conferences of the Nonprofit Learning Societies, Educational trusts and professional bodies.

  1. Conference is a place for learning not for tourist

Many times it has been observed that many people want to attend the conference to visit that particular city or place. But according to our suggestion attending a conference is a serious matter and it should not be merged with your tour program. If you are going to attend the conference and spending some money, you must focus to learn something new form the conference environment. You can network different people and exchange the contacts and separately you can make some plan for the fun and joy.

  1. Check for the grant or Reimbursement from your organization

Due to the focus in the research and development work, now every Government is providing millions of money to the organizations. You should definitely check your college or institutions for sponsoring the cost of attending the conference. Many organizations are providing the Registrations fees, travelling cost, hotel cost etc. If you are getting a chance for the reimbursement then you should definitely produce the proof of the expenditure. You can ask for the money receipt from the organizer while attending the conference.