Recent Trends of Promoting Upcoming International Conferences

Communicating people is the biggest task for any event organizer now days. Though there are many traditional medium to promote the upcoming conferences and seminars but they are expensive too. So what is the best way to promote the event in a effective way?

Let’s find the answer .This article focus on the recent trends to promote the upcoming conferences and events so social networking plays an important role. Every organizer is investing money to promote the events so as to attar more and more people for the conference. They hire specialize people and dedicated marketing organizations to carry this work more efficiently and effectively. You may find many new techniques and methods for the marketing like QR Codes, Co-Branding, Content Marketing, SEO, Email marketing, SMS Marketing, Pop up adds in the Smartphone, Prerecorded voice calls over phone etc. The demerit of all these procedure is they all re expensive and only specialized people can  manage  these activities.

So if you are from the academic field and your college or organization is going to organize one International Conference for the first time ,the best solution for you is to manage all the promotion activities is conference alerts portal like Its free to add your upcoming International academic conference where thousands of people visit regularly to find the upcoming conferences and seminars and join them based on their related field of research.  You can also hire the paid promotion plans where one dedicated expertise team form the portal will look your promotion activities and always remain with you till the event ends . The free promotion is also very beneficial in case you have fewer budgets. The website will also provide you the number of clicks and visitors visit your dedicated link of the event so that you can plan your market.

Market Chart

Source research insights

The above chart shows the number of people get the information about the conference form the different source where more than 70 % people get their information from the conference alerts.