World Trade Day 2018 in Nagpur

World Trade Day 2018

World trade day 2018 in Nagpur is a big success. The second series of World Trade Day (WTD)  was jointly organized by World Trade Centre Mumbai in association with Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA) on 23rd June 2018 . This series had a special topic on  “Enhancing Export Opportunities for MSMEs” Experts form Engineering Expert Promotion Council(EEPC), Export-Import […]

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How conference alerts could be the best place to find international conferences?

upcoming conference

Hii every one!! Finding an upcoming international conference is a big task. In this article, we will discuss how conference alerts could be the best place to find international conferences. Finding an upcoming conference is very difficult nowadays where thousands of academic and business conferences are being organized every day. So in this crowded place how to […]

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The Biggest Mistake you are Doing While Searching Upcoming Conferences in India

Searching Conferences

You might have been using the conference alerts for searching the conferences in India in recent days or now. In this article, I will explain you the biggest mistake you are doing while searching upcoming conferences in India and how to avoid it. So read this article till the end. Thousands of international and national conferences are […]

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Conference Alerts in India 2018 – Here are Top Five Things You Must Know While Searching the Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming Conferences

Searching any conference is an important work before taking a decision to register for a conference. There are many ways you can find the information about the upcoming conferences. Here I want to discuss some of the most important points one should keep in the mind while searching any international conference. Check the past record […]

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Planning to Attain an International Conference at these Cities. Here are Top Five Things to Know:

attain conference

Research and publication is a vital part of our study now. Every university and institution is now emphasizing about attending one International and National conference. There are many organizers and learning societies are organizing various international and national conferences across the India. According to a study most of the organizers prefer to organize the conferences […]

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