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Latest Conferences

In recent days the research and development field has been emerged very rapidly. Many nonprofit organizations are present to organize conferences in various parts of the India. Although they organize various seminars and conferences at different places in India but they try to organize the conferences in the top cities and metros. Most of the …

The Science behind the Holi celebrations


The festival of color is called as Holi is one of the biggest celebrated festival in India. This Two day long festival is marked as a begging of spring and being celebrated with family members. People from the Indian community across the globe celebrate this colorful festival at most joy and happiness. Sweet is being …

5 tips for Choosing a good and genuine conference.


Conferences are being organized both internationally and Nationally where one common plat form provided to the all participants. While Choosing a Conference some important points need to be remembered. There are various authorized and Govt. affiliated and nonprofit conference organizers who have been organizing the conferences time to time.    Ask you Guide, Professor or …