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Latest ConferencesIn recent days the research and development field has been emerged very rapidly. Many nonprofit organizations are present to organize conferences in various parts of the India. Although they organize various seminars and conferences at different places in India but they try to organize the conferences in the top cities and metros. Most of the conferences being organized on the topic of Engineering and technology where the research opportunity is more. Such conferences not only provide a platform for to highlight the research work but also bring different people to one place. The participants get more benefits when one senior professor or such a person having a vast experience in research and academics from other institution come to the conference for a keynote speech or as a guest. As a student one may not get a chance to meet such a person in his/her college.

Now all Govt. funded organizations are organizing various International conferences in association with different nonprofit Institution where the professional people manage the events very effectively. There are various International Journals where the research papers from the conference being published. Many foreign  universities now sponsoring such International conferences where the universities provide the funds to the conference also promote their activity to attract the young talent to their country for study and research. Such International Conferences could be easily found from the Conference Alert one of the best Conference Alerts in India. The Conference alert portal provides the information as free and one can easily subscribe from the portal to get alerted for the Upcoming Conferences in India. There are over 10K different International Conferences and seminars can be found.