How to organize conferences and seminars

Organizing conferences and seminars required some specialized people to manage. But if you do not have an expertise on it then this article will guide you on how to organize conferences and seminars.

Organizing conferences and seminars follow some procedure. If you are planning to organize an international or national conference then you must follow it. Before organizing it you must know Who can organize conferences and seminars?

Any institution, college, university or organization who got registered with the Govt. of India and get the permission to organize conferences and seminars are permitted to organize. Without permission from the authority, it will be treated as fake and will be punishable by law.

Steps to organize Conferences

  1. Select a theme or topic of the Conference

The topic is the most important part of the conference so you must decide the theme or topic of the conference.

  1. Decide the venue and date

After deciding the venue now the time comes to decide the venue of the conference. It must a meeting place where a number of people can seat, and participate in the discussions and listen to the speakers. So good meeting auditoriums or rooms are recommended. It must have a stage.

The date is also important. While choosing the date you consider various external and internal factors like public holidays, pre-announced strikes, Mega events, Environmental conditions etc.

  1. Decide the Budget

All conferences have some money to spend. The money can be spent on like Meeting room charges, Lunch or dinner arrangements, Tea and snacks, Stage decoration, local transportations, logistics of guests, printing, advertising, etc.

So you must decide the inflow of the money for the conference and how much money is required for the conference. Most people do mistake in budgeting and faces financial loss after the conference. Be careful while planning it and consider every possible aspect.

  1. Choose speakers

Speakes and guests are an important part of the conference. Precaution must be taken while choosing the speakers. The guests or the speakers must belong to the same theme or topic of discussion. Before choosing the speakers the organizing people can verify the background of the speakers.

  1. Check for sponsors.

In the 3rd point, I have already discussed the budgeting of the conference. You can also try to approach some of the sponsors to receive money and advertise their products or services during the conference or seminar.

  1. Advertise and promotion.

You can try various promotions types like online and offline. In the online promotion, you can promote your conference in www.conferencealerts.in which the largest conferences alert in India. You can also choose newspapers adds, hoardings, distributing brochures etc. for the offline promotion.

  1. Setting the registration process.

As an organizing team, you must set up the registration process so that, people could easily register and get all the necessary information. A dedicated team is required for this.

  1. Permission and license.

As the organizing team, you must take all necessary permission and license for the authorities.

These are the basic steps to organize the conference. We hope you have liked this article on how to organize conferences and seminarsIf you like to know more then comment below or email to us.