The Difference between National and International Conference

national-vs-international-confResearch and innovation helps the country to grow faster and the effectiveness of the research and innovation has been evaluated at different conferences that may be national and International. Many Nonprofit Organizations and Institutions have been Organizing various Conferences at difference parts of the world . The research activity of any Country could be known from the number National and International Conferences organized per year. According to a study more than 10000 Various International and National Conferences are being organized at India every year. This brings a new era for the research scholars, Students, Professors, Industries to find new technologies and getting a change for the peer networking.

There is no such major Difference between National and International Conference. In National Conference the topic covered mostly related to national and the participants and the organizing members from the country itself however in an International conference the participant  may be from inside the country and Outside the country. The organizing people may be across the globe In both the case the publication of the paper may in the Journals. The Govt. has some regulations for the national and international conference which the organizers must follow.

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