Tips for Attending a Virtual Conference

Virtual Conferences are the best places to learn new things and present research papers. During this pandemic situation, the trend of Virtual conferences and Webinars goes high. Here are the Tips for attending a virtual conference.

Tips for Attending a Virtual Conference

Why attend a virtual conference?

We all know the benefits of the Virtual conferences like we

  1. Need not to travel to attain the conference.
  2. It saves our money and unnecessary expenditure
  3. It saves our Time

So if you’re attending any virtual conferences you need to take care of the following points.

Choosing a room

You need to choose a room where the noise will be less or absolute zero. If you have pets and children’s at your home make then make sure that they will not come to your home during the webinar.

Choose the room having ample light. You can face the sunlight during the day or make a proper arrangement of lights at the night.

You must choose a room that your family members or other roommates often not visiting or passing through.

Avoid any room having external noise or the room closer to the road having vehicle sound.

Make your setup

For attending a webinar or virtual conference you need a high-quality camera, mike for audio, speaker to hear others.

If there are present in your laptop or computer then it’s fine or else you can connect the external.

Test properly before connecting to a webinar.

Choose a background. You can choose any wall or else you can use a gree screen which will help in your virtual background during the conference.

Arrange proper light

As we already discussed you need to take care of the light. Most people forget the light that comes to their faces during the webinar that results in dark images and videos during the webinar.

Always two lights and place those on two sides of your face. It reduces the shadow.

  • If you’re sitting in the sunlight then you should sit facing the sun. Do not sit back to the sun.
  • Always use white and bright lights.


Must have high-speed Internet

As video streaming requires lots of data and bandwidth you need to have high-speed internet. The minimum requirement is 3G. While connecting make sure you have enough data left for the day or else the video may disconnect in between.

Dress Properly

Most people think that clothes are not so important in webinars. But let me explain you, your dress or clothes play an equally important role as your lighting, internet speed, background, and room etc.

Benefits of attending online conferences

We have already discussed the benefits of attending an online conference. Due to the pandemic, virtual conferences are the future of events. It saves your money, times, risk of traveling, Comfort and well-being, etc, meets the global audience.

What to do before attending a virtual conference?

  • Choose the right virtual conference. Conferencealerts.in will help you to choose the virtual conference.
  • Register and collect the necessary information about, organization, speakers, registration process etc.
  • Collect the virtual conference Link, ID and password.
  • Match the Timing(in case of you in a different time zone)
  • Make your presentation ready.

What to do after attending a virtual conference?

  • Ask the organizer for the video recording or broadcast details.
  • Ask about the participation certificate and other conference documents
  • Share the participation in your social media and other platforms.

Final words

Virtual conferences are the future of Conferences and academic seminars. Here we discussed some of the Tips for attending a virtual conference

Reference: Five Compelling Reasons to Attend A Virtual Conference