How to find genuine Conference in India? Top 5 things you must know

conferencesRecent days many newspapers have published some reports on the Fake conferences and how our education system is affected by that. If you a researcher, student, professor, academician or a person related to education and research then you must know the truth. Here the question comes how to check the genuine conferences? Here are some of the tips and tricks to find it.

1. Check the Information about the Organizer.

If you are planning to register for any conference then you must check the background of the Organizer. You can find this information from the conference homepage or the Organizer’s website. Many Organizers are present in India who organizes conferences form a while. They have taken the permission and registered their organization with Govt. of India. If any Organization is registered with Govt. of India can organize Educational Seminars, Conferences, and Workshops. So you must check the Govt. Registration status and the related documents.

2. Check the Related Persons associated.

The organizers may have the Organizing body or editorial board which must be displayed on the website and their affiliation. So before the registration, you must check the people who associated with the particular conference are related to that particular subject.

3. Check the Past conferences

All-Conference organizers must have the past event highlights and record of their past events. So you can check that. You can check their social networking pages for all the details.

4. Check the office address of the Organizer.

Every Organizer is bound to provide the registered office address and contact details on the website/Boucher etc. So you must check the Office address of the Organizer. A fake Conference organizer never displayed their address on the website or at anywhere.

5. Must check the Bank account details.

A genuine Organizer always displays their bank account on the letter of communication or on the website. As you know a bank does not open a fake account of any person or any organization. So you must check the details.

So if you follow these 5 points, then we are sure you will find a genuine and right conference for yourself and register without any fear. As a responsible website we ensure high-quality conferences in our portal and we also suggest all users ensure the right conference for yourself.