An article on Current Research and development scenario at India.

Research and DevelopmentThe research and innovation ecosystem in India at current scenario presents an important and significant opportunity for multinational organizations across the globe due to its intellectual capital available in the country. Today numerous MNCs have shifted or are going to shift their research and development (R&D) base to India. According to Indian Brand Equity foundation the Overall India-based R&D Globalization and R&D Services market reached US$ 20 billion  in 2015, up by 9.9 per cent over 2014.The govt. of India is now focusing more and more on research and development sector which can easily be concluded from the union budget 2015-16. The industry demands more and more fund to emphasize the research and development program in the social sector where the ample opportunity is present. Our Scientific fraternity has been in a right track to find the opportunity from the social sector.

Our scientific community must understand the importance the time and the productivity of it. The Conferences and seminars has been a important way to find and share the innovative research ideas and latest findings. According to a study, today the conferences are the major source of all innovative ideas where the people from different expertise come closer to discuss on a common topic where the all major angles of the ideas could be discussed. After conferences such ideas could be tested in a larger terms. Attending such scientific conferences became easy with www.conferencealerts.in which is rated one of the number one free conference alerts portal in India. This is a unique of its kind where one can easily find the conferences from almost all relevant topic in a most user friendly way.

There are several research organizations like DRDO, ISRO, IISc etc has been taken initiative towards the social innovation where several satellites has been in 2015 to improve our life style in terms of communication and information.