Should you attend a Conference while you are in vacation to a tourist destination during this New Year?

Goa ConferenceToday during this busy schedule ,every one is looking to spend some quality times with family and friends so the booking for a tourist destination during this year end or during New year is becoming popular day by day. Apart from tourism one can also attend some of the International Conferences at this tourist places which will add more value to the career and could get a great opportunity to hang out with some of new friends , professors, different Industrialists, People from different universities  and research organizations.

Many International Conference Organizers are Organizing International conferences during this New Year at different tourist locations. According to a report many students and professors prefer to visit Goa, Ooty, Darjeeling, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. for  an International or national Conference during this time which save their time.  According to an Organizing Secretary of an Reputed International Conference Organizer, People prefer to visit to a conference during this new year with a great energy and to learn something very new and share their research work to the world with a Conference Proceeding Publication and Journal. According to him every year more than 5000 participants register with these conferences. To get alerted about these events one can easily click the popular cities option at the home page of and check the upcoming conferences and events.