How to find upcoming international conferences in India 2022?

If you are doing your Ph.D. or master’s in any Indian University then you need to attend an International conference and publish your paper. So here we will guide you on How to find upcoming international conferences in India 2022?

How to find upcoming international conferences in India 2022?

If you are searching for upcoming international conferences then we will discuss here some of the best ways you find good conferences.

Organizer Matters

International conferences are organized mostly by Learning Societies, Universities, Colleges, or institutions. As a participant, you need to choose an organizer having a good reputation and should give priority to the best conference organizers in India and the world.

Choose your city

Previously International conferences are organized in metro cities. But now the organizers host the conferences a tier-2 to tier -3 cities as well. So, choose a city which is near to your home so that you can save money on travel and hotel stays.

Best ways to find upcoming international conferences in India 2022

Here are the best ways to find the upcoming international conferences in India

  1. Conference Alerts India
  2. Best Conference Organizer’s Website
  3. Popular Facebook groups and Pages for conferences
  4. University or College Notice board
  5. Email subscribing
  6. Ask your professor
  7. Search in google
  8. Local news agencies and News portals
  9. Outdoor hoardings
  10. Professional Networking portals like Linkedin, Researchgate,

Things you must Check before applying to any conference

  1. Organizer’s Reputation: Now many organizers started organizing conferences. So many frauds and bogus conferences are happening. As an author or researcher, you need to be careful and avoid such organizers. You can choose conferences listed with Conferncealerts.com where the dedicated team of experts chooses the best organizers after checking several parameters.
  2. Plan your travel: Most researchers does the mistake of applying for conferences before checking the travel tickets. Sometimes you may not find the tickets or find expensive tickets to travel to that city where your paper got accepted and you have done the registration. So while searching for conferences you need to check the transportation availability.
  3. Avoid any conferences organized by non reputed Colleges or Universities: As a participant, you may face difficulties after the conference or before the conference. As you know while organizing a conference a team is involved. Many times it has been seen that the team or committee of the university or college is dissolved after the conference. So as a participant if you have any queries or face any difficulties while publishing the paper then no one will answer your queries at that time. So it’s generally advised that you should choose a conference which is organized by professional organizations.

 Upcoming Scopus Indexed Conferences In India

There are several conference organizers who emphasize Publications in International Journals and Publishing in Scopus indexed Journals.

You need to check the Organizer’s Publication page or any declaration of the Scopus Indexed.

You can find hundreds of Verified Scopus Indexed Conferences and their organizers from conference Alerts.

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Final words

We hope this article on How to find upcoming international conferences in India 2022 could definitely guide you. International conferences organized online and physically are now open after the Covid Restrictions. You need to find a good International conference to present your paper.