Best Engineering conferences in India 2024

best engineering conferences in India 2024

India a land of Engineering and technology. Most engineers form India are working in reputed organizations in the world. As we know conferences at the best place for the latest research and in innovation. Here we are going to discuss about the best engineering conferences in India in 2024.

Apart from computer science and IT conferences india is also a large producer of the other engineering graduates like Mechanical engineers, products and engineers, automobile engineers, aeronautical engineers, biotechnology engineers, environmental engineers, marine science engineers Etc. Now most of the Engineering universities and colleges are focusing on the dentist research and innovation in the field of engineering and technology.

According to the SCOPUS bibliometric database, scientists in the G20 co-authored 75% of all scientific publications published worldwide in 2021. The data includes 24,746,950 scientific papers from 2012 to 2021, with authors spread among 19,743 research institutes across the 19 nations included. And fortunately, India has been in the G20 nations.

If you are a researcher or pursuing you PhD or Masters then you are in best place to research and publish your research paper in India. Here are best engineering conferences in India 2024 to attain and publish your papers in reputed journals.

List of Best Engineering conferences in India 2024

International Conference on Software Engineering and Computer Science (ICSECS), 8th Aug 2024, Pune India.


Asian Congress on Gas Turbines 2024, 21st Aug 2024, Kanpur


International conference on Science Engineering & Technology (ICSET),20th Aug 2024, Chennai, India


International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (ICEEME),28th Aug 2024, Bangalore, India


International Conference on Robotics and Smart Manufacturing (ICROSMA),15th Sept 2024, New Delhi, India


Advantages of Attending Engineering conferences in India.

Best Engineering conferences in India 2024 a

Networking Opportunity: Conferences is a great place for networking among various researchers, engineering professionals, professors and industry professionals. You can meet new people and exchange ideas that could help the collaborative research and job opportunities.

Listen to experts.

By attending conferences, you can gain the knowledge about the latest research in the field of Engineering and technology. These experts join the conferences as Key note speakers and Presenters.

Publication opportunity in journals.

Most engineering conferences are associated with peer reviewed international journals and Scopus Indexed Journals. These conferences also know as Scopus Indexed Conferences.

Travel to New places.

India a land of opportunities and as a researcher or student you need to explore new places and cities. Most big conferences are happening in big cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore etc. So as a tourist it will be a great opportunity for you to explore new places along with the conference participation. Many conference organizers now offers city tour along with conferences. You can contact the Organizer for such facility.

FInal words

If you are lookign to attain best engineering conferences in India then You find the Upcoming Engineerng conferences here.

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