How to find Upcoming international conferences in India 2021

Are looking to attain an international conference in India during this academic year 2021? Then you are at the right place. Here we will guide you How to find Upcoming international conferences in India 2021.

Why you need to attain International conferences in India 2021?

A few days back, a Masters in engineering student from the had a viva and final thesis submission. He completed his project in Machine learning and was searching for a conference in India where he could submit his research paper and attain the conference.

Attending the conference is the degree requirement in most of the universities in India. As he was from Chennai, he searched the conferences near Chennai, Bangalore, Pondicherry, or Coimbatore-like cities where he could easily travel and attain the conference.

Find Upcoming Conferences in India here

How to find Upcoming international conferences in India 2021
How to find Upcoming international conferences in India 2021

While searching on the internet he found the and visited the city page where he wants the conference. He found two to three conferences organized by very reputed organizations like the Institute of Research and Journals-IRAJ, Academics Conference Network-ACN, and SARC.

He found the conference listed with and visited the official page of the conferences. He inquired about the conferences from the organizer by calling them and got all the necessary information regarding the paper submission and registration.

Then he asked his guide and other co-authors about the conference and they were excited to attain the conferences as it happening near to their city.

Then he submitted the paper to the conference. A few days later he got the notification after the peer-review process. He got the notification about the acceptance with modification.

He followed the instruction given by the organizer and his paper accepted and he participated in the conference. It was a great experience for him and for his team members. The conference was packed with research scholars and experts. A healthy discussion was going on during the conference and he also got the best paper award for this paper.

So these were the real-life experiences shared by one of the research scholars from Anna University.

How to find upcoming conferences?

So if you are interested to attain the conference you might be wondering how to find Upcoming international conferences in India 2021?

Then you need not to worry much. In 2021 most of the conferences happening online and having virtual presentations. This carries the same value as your physical conference. You can easily find hundred of International conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Online conferences with one of the leading Conference alert India portal

On the home page, you can find the conferences listed in different Indian states and on the state page, you can find the important cites. The state or the city where you want to find the conference can be easily found.

Another way to get updates regarding the upcoming conference is by subscribing to the email list. You can update the team about the upcoming conferences going to happen near to your city.

Upcoming Scopus indexed conferences in India 2021

If you are searching for any Scopus indexed or Scopus associated conferences then the good news is now having India’s the largest list of reputed conferences. You can find it easily and search the Upcoming Scopus Indexed conferences in India 2021.

Once you visit to the official conference page then check the Scopus indexed journals associated with the conference. If the journal suitable for your research paper then you can start submitting the paper to the conference.

You can find various Scopus-associated International conferences in Science, Engineering and Technology organized by South Asian Research Center-SARC.

Final words

So this is all about how to find Upcoming international conferences in India 2021.