How to publish a research paper in India

If you are perusing your Ph.D., Master or Bachelor, then according to your university requirements you may need to publish a research paper. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process for how to publish a research paper in India.

How to publish a research paper in India
How to publish a research paper in India

There are two major ways to publish your research paper.

  1. Through International/national conferences
  2. Through Peer-reviewed international journals

Here we will guide you through both the ways you can publish your research paper easily if follow the right procedure.

Publish research paper at international conferences in India.

International conferences are these conferences where the participants or the committee from more than one country are present. Here the participants or the researchers discuss their research papers belonging to one particular theme or it can be multidisciplinary.

Who can organize an International conference in India?

International conferences can be organized by

  1. Universities/Colleges/Education Institutions.
  2. Registered Reputed Learning Societies or Non-Profit Private organizations/Academic Publishers
  3. Professional Academic institutions

It’s always advisable to attend the International conferences organized by the Indian Govt. Registered Reputed Learning Societies or Non-Profit Private organizations/Academic Publishers

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Conferences to Avoid: Any conferences organized by

  • private person,
  • unknown organizations or
  • even a group of people

must be avoidable as it could be a predatory conference.

Such Predatory conferences can be found on Facebook groups, individual profile pages, etc. As a researcher, you need to avoid such conferences.

Steps to Publish research paper at international conferences in India.

Step-1 Find a good upcoming International conference

You could start by finding a good conference related to your research topic and area. Conference alerts India is the best place to find reputed upcoming conferences in India. Find the International conference in the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, etc.

Apart from the Metro cities, you can find conferences in small cities.

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Step-2 Right a good research paper

After finding a good international or national conference now its time to write the research paper. Make sure that you read all terms and conditions of the conference and write the paper according to the format given by the conference.

You can take the help of a good article editing service to write an excellent paper.

After writing the research paper takes the help of a Plagiarism checker to check the plagiarism of the paper and try to reduce it. Normally 10 to 20 % plagiarism is fine for the conference.

Step-3 Submission and registration

Most conferences give the email submission process or the online submission process to receive the paper. So submit the paper according to it. After the submission and the conference team will contact you once your paper got selected after review.

Generally, the conference takes 5 to 30 days for the review of the paper. You can enquire about the duration from the conference helpline number or by sending an email.

If your paper got selected you can now register for the conference by paying the registration fees. Currently days most conferences offer an online portal for payment. You can also transfer to the bank account given by the conference team.

With the conference registration fees, you may also need to submit a Copyright form or Registration form.

Step-4 Publication with Conference proceeding

The selected and registered papers will be published in Conference proceedings by the International conference organizer. Most of the time the conference proceeding is published as a hard book or it may available online. Organizers like IEEE, Springer, IRAJ, ASAR, and ARSSS, publish their proceedings online with open access.

As a participant, you may get the published paper link a few days after the conference and the hard copy of the proceeding on the day of the conference.

By following these 4 steps you can publish your paper at an International conference in India.

How to publish your research paper in an International journal in India?

As we discussed you can publish your research paper in international journals all the things you need to do is

  • find a good International Journal related to your research topic
  • and check the research paper format
  • Indexing and Impact factor of the Journal

other terms and conditions mentioned on the journal home page.

Always check the reputation of the publisher of the journal before submitting the research paper.

Scopus Indexed journal

Scopus is a reputed journal indexing platform where you can find reputed journals that maintain their ethics and publication procedure. Many universities in India prefer to accept the paper in a Scopus Indexed journal.

UGC CARE Journal

Apart from the Scopus Indexed UGC has also released a list of recommended journals where you can publish your research paper.

Final words

Here we have discussed how to publish a research paper in India. By following the above steps you can publish research paper in India.