How to promote an international conference?

Organizing one conference is a big task and promoting an International Conference is also not an easy job to do. If you are a conference organizer then this article certainly brings some cheer to your face. Now I am going to discuss some of the most important aspect of the promoting an international conference.

There are many ways to promote the conference. It may be the old one or new one, the motto behind is same i.e. to reach out more and more people and communicate about the event and attract the desire participants to the conference to participate.

promote upcoming conference

Today I am not going to discuss about the old techniques of promotion and International Conference. So here are some of the new ways to promote the upcoming conferences.

  1. Facebook Ads

You can create one event or one fan page of the conference and promote it.

  1. Google Adds

You can choose the Google paid ads to promote

  1. Email Sending

You may send the mail regarding the conference to the people.

  1. Events Now

Conference alerts is the most important web portal where difference conferences are listed. One can easily search the upcoming conferences by selecting the topic of interest, place, date etc. SO if you are an organizer then you can create one free organizer account on the portal and list you event. You also choose paid promotion.

Apart from that there are also several other mediums to promote the upcoming international conference.


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