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About Advanced Research Society for Science and Sociology

The Advanced Research Society for Science and Sociology (ARSSS) is an academic association for scholars interested in the advance research in Social Science, General Science, Engineering, Technology, and Sociology. It is an international, member-based support network promoting critical and scholarly Internet research, independent from traditional disciplines and existing across academic borders. The Association maintains an active membership of more than 4,500 individuals in 85 countries, approximately two-thirds of whom are academic scholars, professors, and graduate students. Other members are in government, the media, communication technology, business law, medicine and other professions The purposes of the Society are To provide an international forum to enable the development, conduct, and critical evaluation of communication research. To assure quality of incubation and innovation processes from nook and corner of the world. To sustain a program of high-quality scholarly publication and knowledge exchange To facilitate inclusiveness and debate among scholars from diverse national and cultural backgrounds and from multi-disciplinary perspectives on communication-related issues. To promote a wider public interest in, and visibility of, the theories, methods, findings and applications generated by research in communication and allied fields. Why ARSSS? The major objective of ARSSS is the career development of faculties and the personality development of the students and the overall development of the technical education and society. To provide a world-class platform to researchers, academicians, and professionals to share their research findings by organizing International/National Conferences

Topics Covered

  • Systems Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Electronics and Electrical
  • Social Sciences
  • Information Technology

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