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The Science behind the Holi celebrations


The festival of color is called as Holi is one of the biggest celebrated festival in India. This Two day long festival is marked as a begging of spring and being celebrated with family members. People from the Indian community across the globe celebrate this colorful festival at most joy and happiness. Sweet is being …

What is an International Conference all about and its impacts

international conference

International Conference: It is defined as a platform to share latest and innovative ideas with peers and senior group of people from different part of world by the help of a PPT or Foster presentation. Generally all International Conferences takes one day to five days having difference technical session chaired by number of peoples having …

Take you research to new high.


This highly competitive world demands more and more from the scientific fertility to invent new technologies every moment .This make the Scientists and Engineers to think fast and to provide them such a platform where these highly innovative ideas can be shared and get add on in into this process of fast thinking ,some of …