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International conference on Big Data & Knowledge Discovery

Event Serial-8624
Contact Person- Prof. A.R.D. Prasad
Event enquiries email address-
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 2016-01-08
Organized by: Indian Statistical Institute (ISI)
Venue: Bangalore,  Karnataka,  India

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Research intensive fields of study as also scientific practices are contributing to immense amount of data worldwide. Technological advances make it possible to instantly produce, capture, describe and exploit data online. Diversified approaches to research add to the possibility of diverse applications, different distributions, versions and interpretation of data. Library and Information Science professionals are required to cope up with this situation and handle data in terms of data collection, description, curation and involve in all other aspects of the data cycle. In addition to information services, LIS professionals are involved in data services either in isolation or in services that complement information services. The field of data science today is truly interdisciplinary involving researchers producing data in many different domains, data curators, publishers, technologists, librarians and data analysts.

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