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Event Type : Conference
Event Serial ID: CA292774
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International Conference on Big data, Machine Learning and IOT

Venue:New DelhiNew Delhi , India

Starting Date: 19th Jul 2020

Ending Date: 20th Jul 2020

About the Event/Conference : The internet of things IoT is a platform that allows a network of devices sensors, smart meters, etc. to communicate, analyse data and process information collaboratively in the service of individuals or organisations. The IoT network can generate large amounts of data in a variety of formats and using different protocols which can be stored and processed in the cloud. Big Data BD has core values of volume, velocity, variety and veracity. After collecting much data from IoT, BD can be jointly used with machine learning, AI, statistical and other advanced techniques, models and methods, which can create values for people and organizations adopting it, since forecasting, deep analysis and analytics can help identify weaknesses and make improvements based on different analysis. 

Organized by:  International Research forum for Scientific Research

Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 03rd Jul 2020

Contact Person: Conference Coordinator

Event Enquiry Email Address: info.irfsr@gmail.com

Website http://irfsr.com/Conference/211/ICBMI/