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Event Type : Conference
Event Serial ID: CA114461
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HAKON - International Information Security Meet

Venue:IndoreMadhya Pradesh , India

Starting Date: 11th Oct 2019

Ending Date: 13th Oct 2019

About the Event/Conference : 6th International Information Security Meet “ Hakon’2019, The Successful Rise of AI and Datafication. As the AI wave becomes transformational across end-markets from enterprise to consumer platforms, from cybersecurity to robotics, the demand for data scientists is growing exponentially. The role of data scientists in this technology will assume a new level of importance and will evolve in a similar fashion to what we saw happen in the field of computer sciences with the development of computing. AI technologies are creating a real need for data scientists with demand far ahead of the supply of qualified talent. In the long run, as AI advances to establish and analyze causations as well as correlations, software rather than humans will perform these analyses. And, data scientists – at least the successful ones – will evolve from their current roles to becoming machine learning experts or some other new category of expertise, yet to be given a name. 

Organized by:  NA

Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 10th Aug 2019

Contact Person: Conference Coordinator

Event Enquiry Email Address: sadhana@ninjasecurity.co.in

Website http://www.hakonindia.org

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