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Date Conference Name Venue
December     2018
03rd Dec / 2018
Epithelial Mesenchymal Interactions in Lung Development and Fibrosis, 2019 Nassau, Bahamas
February     2019
13th Feb / 2019
6th Nucleic Acids Conference Nassau, Bahamas
19th Feb / 2019
3rd Small Molecule Activation Conference, Bahamas, 2019 Nassau, Bahamas
21st Feb / 2019
4th Drug Discovery Re-Invented Conference, Bahamas, 2019 Nassau, Bahamas
23rd Feb / 2019
3rd Exploring DNA Repair Pathways as Targets for Cancer Therapy Conference Nassau, Bahamas
25th Feb / 2019
Spatial Genome Organization Conference, Bahamas, 2019 Nassau, Bahamas
27th Feb / 2019
Mitochondria: From Basic Biology to Mechanisms of Disease Conference 2019 Nassau, Bahamas
March     2019
03rd Mar / 2019
3rd Interventions in Aging Conference Nassau, Bahamas
05th Mar / 2019
2nd Neurogenesis Conference Nassau, Bahamas

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27th Sep 2018 ,Pune , India

The conferences focus on three domains of Smart Systems i.e. Computing, Mobility and Intelligent Systems, and healthcare. The seismic shift towards intelligent systems have radicalized and poised the human-life to witness a dynamic future. While envisioning these changes Bertrand Russell and Isaac Asimov predicted in the last century the surge of creativity of human spirits so as to lead a life of eternal youth with unbelievably less hassles in mundane life. This conference brings together the global thought leaders and innovators to discuss real-world issues, tackle intricate problems and find novel enabling solutions by synthesizing the concept of smart systems and technologies.
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